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A new University of Melbourne survey of horse welfare practices in racing, riding, sport and tourism will help to improve welfare for horses through policy and on-ground practices The survey is now […]

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Running the country’s sole goat-only practice, Dr Sandra Baxendell is focused on eradicating caprine arthritis encephalitis in Australia. By Kerryn Ramsey Not only does Dr Sandra Baxendell run a goat-only practice, […]

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Putting off difficult conversations with staff? Here’s how to give constructive feedback respectfully and keep your relationships intact. By Angela Tufvesson When you’re the boss, giving staff both positive and […]

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No-one in animal health enjoys conflict. But if practices are to operate profitably, they must know how to recover debt from non-paying pet owners. By Tracey Porter However you look […]

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Despite the good care of staff and volunteers, dog shelters can be a turbulent experience for dogs, prompting researchers in the Netherlands to examine how well dogs may be adapting […]

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New Australian research reveals there are differences in how dogs and cats help people deal with the loneliness of COVID lockdowns. Dr Jessica Oliva, a lecturer in psychology at James […]

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Researchers have uncovered evidence showing that cattle are losing important environmental adaptations, losses the researchers attribute to a lack of genetic information available to farmers. After examining genetic material stretching back to the 1960s, they identified specific DNA variations associated with adaptations that could one day be used to create DNA tests for cattle -- tests that could tell farmers whether their cattle are suited for one environment or another.

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Domestic dogs show many adaptations to living closely with humans, but they do not seem to reciprocate food-giving according to a new study.

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A team of geneticists and archaeologists has sequenced the DNA from a 1,600-year-old sheep mummy from an ancient Iranian salt mine, Chehrabad. This remarkable specimen has revealed sheep husbandry practices of the ancient Near East, as well as underlining how natural mummification can affect DNA degradation.

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