Upcoming lectures

Dr Matthia Le Chevoir gives a talk on current understanding of Canine Meningoencephalitis and Meningoencephalitis of Unknown Origin (MUO).

Prof Peter Bennett discusses diagnosis and treatment of canine lymphoma.

He can be contacted at peter.bennett@sydney.edu.au

Dr Keshe Chow (@Keshe), a feline specialist at Melbourne Cat Referrals, gives a 20-minute talk on management of chronic kidney disease in cats.

She can be contacted at clinic@melbournecatvets.com.au

Mission of goatvetoz

To improve goat owners' skills and knowledge and introduce husbandry systems to leave a legacy of healthier goats & stronger goat industries.

Do you wish you could access a vet who was extremely knowledgeable about goats are genuinely cared about them? Every day I learn more about goats, searching the web and my extensive reference collection to write or blog about goats. I am always learning more, despite my formal qualifications already completed on goats (e.g. PhD).

I am also one of only a handful of vets...
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