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A new study has just revealed that genetically modified pig hearts have now kept baboons alive for up to 195 days. This stuff, reminiscent of sci-fi nightmares, is actually a huge step towards increasing the pool of donor heart organs available for human patients.

Currently, the supply of donor hearts is not enough to save everyone experiencing terminal heart failure, and many people...
Spring loaded mouth gags are a recognised cause for cats to wake up with cortical blindness. This unnecessary complication is thought to arise from excess tension created by the springs, leading to Maxillary artery compression. The subsequent hypoxia results in central blindness that can be temporary or permanent.

It is recommended to use nail clippers to cut a 25g needle cap into 20mm length and use this between the canine teeth instead. Studies have shown that this length is safe.
Ms. Joanna Koilpillai is a final year student in the BVSc & AH program of Madras Veterinary College, in Tamil Nadu, India.

She is passionate about becoming a veterinarian, with special interests in Theriogenology and Small Animal Internal Medicine.

She attended the Summer Visitor Externship Program in the College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University.

After her graduation, she plans on pursuing higher studies in Internal Medicine.

Her essay Mesothelioma - a state of the art review - can be viewed...
From: Schuetze Catherine <>
Date: 30 November 2018 at 8:43:48 pm AEDT

Dear Friends,
The Government of Bhutan has recently opened it’s new National Veterinary Hospital in Thimphu. They are looking for volunteer trainers to come and help their staff vets learn how to use all the equipment they have had donated, and to improve their clinical skills in many areas (medicine, surgery, dentistry, radiology, ultrasonography). They current skill set is fairly basic so any experienced vet would be capable and useful, and of...
The term burnout has been getting thrown around a lot lately and is certainly rampant among my colleagues working in emergency and critical care. Burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a low sense of personal accomplishment. Veterinarians who become burnt out feel overwhelmed and unable to face the demands of their job or engage with co-workers and clients. They often develop a cynical detachment from work and can view patients as objects rather than animals. The sense of ineffectiveness at work occurs because they no longer feel able to contribute to...
An automated larval rearing robot stands in the mosquito factory at Verily Life Sciences’ lab in South San Francisco.

Silicon Valley researchers are attacking flying bloodsuckers in California's Fresno County. It's the first salvo in an unlikely war for Google parent Alphabet Inc.: eradicating mosquito-borne diseases around the world.

A white high-top Mercedes van winds its way through the suburban sprawl and strip malls as a swarm of male...
Just 22 people contracted polio in 2017. It's a whisper away from eradication, but due to the challenges involved in getting the vaccine to where it's needed most, the extinction of the polio virus in the wild remains just out of reach.

The end might finally be in sight thanks to a new method for preserving the preferred inactivated form of the vaccine - this new method requires no refrigeration.

As a freeze-dried powder, the vaccine can now be shipped into places previously off limits,...
OBJECTIVES: Non-flea, non-food-induced hypersensitivity dermatitis (NFNFIHD) is a common inflammatory and pruritic skin disease in cats. When avoidance and conventional systemic immunosuppressive treatments fail to control the clinical signs, there are limited treatment options. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of maropitant in feline NFNFIHD.

METHODS: In an open-label uncontrolled study, cats with proven non-seasonal NFNFIHD were treated with maropitant 2 mg/kg PO q24h daily for 4 weeks. Clinical lesions were evaluated with...
During a recent trip to New York City, my phone was damaged to the point where the touch screen stopped working (oh, how I miss my sturdy keyboard-containing Blackberry). It happened as I was passing my phone to the gate agent upon boarding my flight from Calgary to Toronto – the phone fell on the floor and despite my protective case, the screen cracked and I was thereafter unable to unlock my phone. And that’s when the panic began: I was traveling in another country, speaking at a conference, and attending meetings with no use of my cell phone. How the heck was I going to survive?!

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