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Join us for a complimentary VETgirl online veterinary continuing education webinar, thanks to sponsorship from Zoetis, on Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRD). In this 1-hour lecture, Stephan Carey, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM) will review the etiological agents, discuss the clinical presentation, and provide updates on diagnosis and prevention of CIRD. Learn what's new with Canine Influenza Virus and find out the latest...
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Several times each month I receive an email or message via social media asking, “how can I do what you do?”. The messages are usually sent by a veterinarian or technician who admittedly is struggling to feel content in their current position and is looking for a way to shift out of their job into something new. Most of them have attended one of my sessions at a conference or workshop and, after hearing how I have transitioned into a position that has all allowed me to travel, speak, and write about veterinary wellbeing, feel inspired to do the same.

The thing...
Earlier this year, scientists published a paper describing how they pieced together segments of DNA in order to bring back a previously eradicated virus called horsepox.

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This week’s case is a 5-month-old male Labrador Retriever with vomiting for 24 hours. Painful on abdominal palpation. What is your interpretation?

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The 2018 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded Wednesday to Frances H. Arnold, George P. Smith and Gregory P. Winter for their work that harnessed evolutionary principles to create new proteins.

Arnold, a professor of chemical engineering at California Institute of Technology, won one half of the prize "for the directed evolution of enzymes."

George Smith, at the University of Missouri, and Gregory Winter, at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge in Britain, shared the other half of the prize "for the phage display of peptides and antibodies."...

When I first became interested in the business side of practice in the early 1970’s most practice owners managed their practice by what we described as the ‘seat of their pants’ – they were acting on instinct, on their personal experience and on using their judgment as events unfolded – largely without advance planning.

Now, forty or more years later, pretty well every veterinary practice owner or manager has at their fingertips, an endless flow of information in the form of management reports designed by PMS providers – and yet there is little or no...
After almost a decade of research Australian scientists have discovered a new type of anti-cancer drug that can put cancer cells into a permanent sleep, without the harmful side-effects caused by conventional cancer therapies.

Research led by Associate Professor Tim Thomas and Associate Professor Anne Voss from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Professor Jonathan Baell from the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dr Brendon Monahan from Cancers Therapeutics CRC investigated whether inhibiting the KAT6A and KAT6B proteins could be a new approach...
Leading veterinary dermatologist Sue Paterson has raised concerns that vets are not prioritising pain relief in otitis externa (OE) cases, which is having a “profound effect on the quality of life of both dogs and clients”.

As part of a series of new videos commissioned by Elanco Animal Health for Osurnia™ Gel, Sue Paterson has urged vets to think about the impact that pain has on both the dog and owner in cases of otitis externa. The primary concern for many vets is to fight the pathogens to achieve a clinical cure, meaning pain relief can often become a...
This week’s case is an Australian Cattle Dog with a history of an oral mass. What are your findings?

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