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Ultrasonographic view of the ileocaecocolic junction, small intestinal loops and one of the abdominal lymph nodes in a four-year-old cat with alimentary lymphoma. Note the thickened muscularis layer of the junction compared to the layering of a normal small intestinal loop.

Chronic gastrointestinal signs are a common presentation in veterinary medicine and, although uncommonly life threatening, can frustrate owners and veterinary surgeons.

Medical history, physical examination and basic investigation (blood work) will often provide enough information to...
A novel highly pathogenic avian influenza virus belonging to the H5 clade variant viruses was detected in North America in late 2014.

Motivated by the identification of these viruses in domestic poultry in Canada, an intensive study was initiated to conduct highly pathogenic avian influenza surveillance in wild birds in the Pacific Flyway of the United States. A total of 4,729 hunter-harvested wild birds were sampled and highly pathogenic avian influenza virus was detected in 1.3% (n = 63). Three H5 clade subtypes were isolated from wild birds,...
Your first out-of-hours case at the weekend is Arthur, an 11-year-old male neutered Siamese cat.

Figure 1. The lateral thoracic radiograph.
Arthur has a chronic history of coughing and wheezing, and has presented to you severely dyspnoeic. You are able to carefully acquire conscious dorsoventral and lateral radiographs of the thorax. The lateral radiograph is presented in Figure 1.

How would you interpret this radiograph?

Arthur is in poor body condition. There is moderate hyperinflation of the...
A stone is revealed (black rectangle) in this radiograph of Arthur.

A 24-hour clinic sees a huge variety of cases, highs and lows – and all dealt with by an extremely dedicated team with a passion for helping animals when they need it most. In this article, the clinic director of YourVets24 Coventry offers an insight into a typical day for his team.

It takes a special kind of person to work in a critical care environment; you never know what’s going to come in and the cases...
Gross appearance of histiocytic sarcoma affecting the spleen.

Shortly after Jane Dobson came to Cambridge as a lecturer in veterinary oncology, the authors were approached by the late Sheila Godbolt and Martin Roe, who were concerned a large number of flat-coated retrievers were dying from cancer.

Initial attempts to determine the type(s) of tumour and number of dogs affected were met with anecdotal reports of dogs with “liver cancer” or “stomach cancer”, and it soon became apparent a histological approach would be necessary to define the problem, if one...
A young poult showing conjunctivitis after experimental infection with avian metapneumovirus. Image: Elena Catelli, University of Bologna.

Avian metapneumovirus (AMPV), also known as turkey rhinotracheitis virus, is one of the major respiratory pathogens in poultry, causing reduced productive performances and increased mortality, mainly due to secondary infections. This virus appeared for the first time in South Africa during the late 1970s and, since then, has spread worldwide. Turkeys and chickens of all ages are the natural hosts, but guinea fowls,...

Pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus: what came first?

The relationship between diabetes mellitus and pancreatitis is complex. Chronic pancreatitis will result in islet cell loss, but, interestingly, hyperglycaemia may cause pancreatic inflammation (Zini et al, 2010).

Diabetic cats with concurrent pancreatitis should be closely monitored due to fluctuating insulin requirements. Requirements may drop precipitously during periods of remission from the pancreatitis and owners should be familiar with the signs of hypoglycaemia, with home monitoring of blood glucose...
Bilaterally symmetrical alopecia and hyperpigmentation on a six-year-old boxer with hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is the most common endocrinopathy in dogs. The diagnosis of canine hypothyroidism is often challenging as clinical signs are slow to onset, non-specific and identified in dogs with other non-thyroidal diseases. Therefore, hypothyroidism should be a clinical diagnosis based on a combination of compatible signalment, clinical signs, physical examination findings and clinicopathological abnormalities, supported by specific endocrine testing....
The author performing plastrotomy on a tortoise with follicullar stasis. The tortoise was anorexic post-hibernation and not responding to treatment.

While most tortoises inhabit deserts or tropical zones, wild ones adapted to temperate climates will slow their metabolic rate to adapt to cold weather and decreased daylight hours. This process is referred to as hibernation, or brumation, and occurs naturally (Jessop and Bennet, 2010).
Keeping and hibernating tortoises in the UK is a different story. Captive tortoises must be kept at correct...

Graham Dodds combines his role as regional director for CVS with hosting a radio show and performing magic. We invited him into the Examination Room to tell us more about his job and how performing tricks has been useful for his career.


You worked for an independent practice bought by Albavet, which, in turn, was acquired by CVS. Has it been easy for you to cope with that much change so quickly?


The journey between running an...