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The hair coat of older cats may take on a clumped and spiked appearance associated with a reduction in grooming activity.

Just as improved diet and medical care have resulted in increased life expectancy in humans, advances in nutrition and veterinary care have increased the life span of pet cats. The result is a growing population of ageing cats; in the USA, for example, it is estimated that 20 percent of pet cats are 11 years of age or older....
Cristina Venegas-Vargas, a former graduate student and lead author of the study, poses in front of dairy cattle.

A collaborative study involving microbiologists, epidemiologists, animal scientists, veterinarians, graduate students, undergraduates and farmers could lead to better prevention practices to limit dangerous E. coli bacteria transmissions, say researchers.

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As we reach the height of the itch season for dogs with pollen and other allergies, Zoetis’ new, eye-catching ‘Switch off the itch’ waiting room materials will highlight the...

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Animal welfare charity SPANA has launched “International Working Animal Day”, to raise awareness about the vital role played by working animals in developing countries around the world....

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Inflammatory airway disease (IAD) or equine asthma, is a common problem in Australian horses. Yet despite its adverse effects, little is known about the condition.

One person who firmly believes that further research into IAD is needed in order to secure widespread equine health both within the veterinary and racing industry is

Murdoch University veterinarian, Dr Cristy Secombe. She will be...
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World Vets International Veterinary Medicine program (our student program) is in full swing in Nicaragua providing free veterinary services to dogs, cats and horses.
Steve Lampa, PhD, Washington State University & University of Washington


I teach anatomy to first-year human and veterinary medical students. I have taught about 20 to 35 human medical students annually for more than 15 years in a regional program associated with University of Washington’s School of Medicine; in comparison, I teach roughly 98 students each year in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University. Although my interactions with...

Dr Cynthia Yeung performing an ovariohysterectomy at Catlovers Veterinary Clinic

The helpful girls at Catlovers Veterinary Clinic.
(L-R; @Katelyn Hunter , VN, @Cynthia Yeung, DVM, Cherie Huebner RVN
Front: Jeena Euclid, Melissa Pongrac)