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Dr. Jane Sykes, BVSc (Hons), PhD, DACVIM

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) is pleased to announce that Dr. Jane Sykes has been appointed as the chief veterinary medical officer (CVMO) of the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) effective June 1, 2016 for a five-year term. (The position was previously referred to as "director.") She served as interim director of the hospital for the past year, following Dr. David Wilson. Dr. Wilson was appointed director of Veterinary Medical Center Facilities Planning, as UC Davis...
Objectives: The specific objectives of the present study were to evaluate the rate of hemorrhage-related complications across a large number of feline pedicle tie (PT) procedures, and evaluate for a difference in surgical time between traditional pedicle double ligation (PDL) and PT procedures.

Methods: In the initial phase of the study, 2136 intact female cats underwent an ovariohysterectomy using the PT technique. Hemorrhagic complications not detected intraoperatively were to be confirmed via exploratory surgery or necropsy. The second phase of the study...
Septuagenarian hopes to complete his journey in two years


Graham cycled via London, before going on to the English south coast with TV vet Emma Milne.

Graham Duncanson is celebrating 50 years in the veterinary profession by cycling more than 8,000km for charity. The retired vet, aged 72, will travel from the UK to South Africa to raise money for the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF).

Since setting off from his home in Crostwick on 4 June, Graham has embarked upon a route that will take him...
'The weather is starting to improve and as daily average temperatures increase in mainland France and the UK, so our risk level will start to increase.'

Risk to the UK will rise as daily temperatures increase - Defra

France has reported 13 new outbreaks of bluetongue virus 8 (BTV-8) in just under a month, new figures show. Defra is warning that as daily temperatures start to increase, so does the risk of outbreaks in the UK.

There have now been 285 confirmed cases in France since September 2015,...
Excellent video of surgical repair of a Chiari malformation
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Debra F. Horwitz, DVM, DACVB, Veterinary Behavior Consultation

Fighting & House Soiling in Cats

Resistant elimination problem behavior may be linked to undiagnosed ongoing social issues in a multiple-cat home. These issues may present as aggressive encounters but are often more covert and therefore often not linked by owners to house soiling behavior.

Understanding Feline Social Behavior
Alexander Werner, VMD, DACVD, Animal Dermatology Center

The distal extremity of the canine limb (ie, the paw) is composed of distinct anatomic structures and sites—the haired skin of the dorsal carpus and tarsus, the more glabrous palmar or plantar interdigital epidermis between the footpads, the footpads, the ungual or claw fold, and the claw—that each can suffer unique dermatoses. Dogs are often presented with concerns of a clinical “foot skin problem.” It is the clinician’s responsibility to determine which tissue(s) is affected and which disease(s) is the most likely...
Dr. Douglas Antczak with Cayenne, who is not afflicted with sarcoid tumors. Dr. Antczak's work has revealed that a horse's genetic makeup influences whether or not they develop sarcoid tumors.

Sarcoid skin tumors are the most common form of cancer in horses, but little is known about why the papillomavirus behind them strikes some horses and not others. A new study by an international research group led by scientists at the Baker Institute for Animal Health at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine shows genetic differences in immune function between...