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The Minimum Wage Panel of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has announced its annual wage review for 2016 today. The FWC decided a 2.4% increase will come into effect from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2016.

The increase will mean the following;

  • The weekly rates of pay in the modern awards will increase by 2.4%, rounded to the nearest 10 cents, with commensurate increases in hourly rates on the basis of a 38 hour week.
  • The casual loading in modern awards...
For veterinarians handling and preparing aborted materials from mares, it’s essential that they are adequately protected to ensure infectious diseases do not spread to other animals or people.

Equine Herpes Virus infection (EHV-1) is the most common cause of infectious abortion in horses throughout the world. It is highly contagious and can easily be transmitted to other horses on the hands or clothing of people in contact with material from a horse infected with EHV-1.

Chlamydia psittaci, a bacterium most commonly associated with birds, has recently been...
Bison were herded in October during a roundup on Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake outside Salt Lake City. Credit Jim Urquhart for The New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Obama signed a law on Monday making the bison — tens of millions of which once roamed North America — the country’s...
Strong relationships between veterinary specialists and technicians are powerful efficiency boosters.

In veterinary specialty practices, the pursuit of efficiency represents one of the most critical, and yet illusive necessities for long-term success. Lack of efficiency eats away income, diminishes patient care, and subtly lowers staff morale.

Dozens of ways to increase efficiency...

QLD LNP Senator Matthew Canavan.

THE Animal Justice Party says it has done a deal with federal Labor to expand plant-based food production in a political move that critics say shows support for ultimately ending livestock production.

A statement on the AJP website says the two parties recently held discussions and had agreed to work together to increase the production of plant-based food in Australia.

The AJP is running 54...
The AVA is hosting a veterinary practice management conference in Sydney starting 1 July. Bringing together 100 practice owners, managers and principals, the conference will cover the changes in the veterinary business landscape over the last 10 years. Speakers will explore [...]

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Overview of Lyme Disease in Dogs
Steven A. Levy, VMD, Veterinary Clinical & Consulting Services, LLC, Durham, Connecticut


Canine Lyme disease is most commonly diagnosed as a limb or joint abnormality (ie, Lyme arthritis), a less common but often fatal kidney failure syndrome, a rare cardiac form, or an also rare neurologic abnormality. The disease is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi and vectored by Ixodes scapularis in the eastern half of the United States and...
Claw & Claw Bed Diseases
Camden Rouben, DVM, Deer Creek Animal Hospital
Lindsay McKay, DVM, DACVD, VCA-Arboretum View Animal Hospital


You have asked...
What do I need to know to approach and treat claw and claw bed diseases in dogs and cats?

The experts say...
Claw and claw bed diseases (see Table 1) occur in dogs and cats of any age, sex, and breed, affecting (as the only...
Heatstroke in Dogs
Marie K. Holowaychuk, DVM, DACVECC, Critical Care Vet Consulting


Hope, a previously healthy 3-year-old spayed pug, was presented on a hot afternoon in August after an episode of collapse.

The owners had previously taken Hope to the park and noticed she was panting excessively and became lethargic after 45 minutes. They offered her water, which she drank readily, and immediately...