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April L. Paul, DVM, DACVECC, Tufts University


Pericardiocentesis is performed in animals diagnosed with clinically significant pericardial effusion. Considered an emergency procedure in animals, it is associated with cardiac tamponade in which cardiac output is limited. Most dogs with pericardial effusion are large-breed dogs. The most common cause of pericardial effusion is neoplasia, although other causes, (eg, infection, vitamin K antagonist...
by Dr Albert Osterhaus

On 28 Jul 2016, Marian Horzinek, our friend and colleague over many years, passed away; he was in his 80th year of life.

After having fled from Poland to East Germany following WW II, and later to West Germany, Marian Horzinek studied veterinary medicine in Giessen and Hannover, where he graduated as a doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) in 1962. His doctoral thesis about treatment recipes for cattle diseases from medieval Viennese documents provided an early glimpse of his scientific interests.

After a brief stint in small animal...

Veterinarians say that helping suffering animals and stressed-out owners can become grueling.

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When I walked dogs at a Chicago animal shelter, I wondered how each one got there. Whether a stitched-up pup shirked from my touch or happily greeted me tongue-first, my eyes would well up with salt. I wanted to keep them all.

People who work in animal shelters or veterinary clinics try to save the animals that come through their doors. But...
Andy H. Abbo, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology), Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Group


  • Lymphoma is a diverse, heterogeneous disease that results from the uncontrolled clonal expansion of malignant lymphocytes.
  • The B-cell phenotype is predominant; the remainder consists of T- or rarely NK-cell phenotypes.1
Lymphoma is generally considered a systemic disease....
Andrew Claude, DVM, DACVAA, Mississippi State University


Buprenorphine hydrochloride is a Schedule III, partial μ-opioid agonist and a synthetic derivative of thebaine. Structurally, it is similar to morphine. Because of its lipophilic nature, buprenorphine binds to the μ-opioid receptor slowly but with a high affinity; therefore, buprenorphine has a slow onset and long duration of action. Despite its high affinity for the μ-receptor, buprenorphine has...
Following the successful introduction of FELIWAY FRIENDS to the UK’s leading feline behaviour range, Ceva Animal Health has renamed its established FELIWAY product FELIWAY CLASSIC.

The move will clearly differentiate FELIWAY CLASSIC (in purple packaging) from the new FELIWAY FRIENDS (red packaging) when new stocks filter through later in the year.

“By adding CLASSIC to the original FELIWAY we are helping cat owners differentiate between the different pheromone products, whilst enhancing the FELIWAY brand,” comments Claire...
A veterinary practice manager writes:

We recently had some IT issues in the practice and things have been slow for us. The team members are getting visibly frustrated and taking it out on each other. They are snappy and short at times, in a bad mood, rolling their eyes, complaining, etc. I reward them with small things (like snacks and similar) but I don’t think it has made much of a difference. I’m really struggling.

How do I keep staff morale up?...
Lisa L. Powell, DVM, DACVECC, Critical Consults


Emergency presentation of cats with GI signs is common, and the underlying disease may be challenging to diagnose. Physical examination findings, history, signalment, diagnostics (eg, CBC, serum chemistry panel), and imaging (eg, abdominal radiographs, emergent ultrasound examination [FAST]) are often needed to distinguish surgical conditions from those that can be managed medically.

Physical examination should always include inspection under the tongue...

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are commonly prescribed by veterinary surgeons for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis, and affected dogs may receive these drugs for long periods of time. Whilst short term administration of NSAIDs to dogs is linked to adverse events such as gastrointestinal haemorrhage and renal injury, reports of adverse events associated with their long-term administration are limited in the veterinary literature.

This study aimed to investigate the attitudes towards the long term use of...
Vance Kawakami, DVM; Krista Rietberg, MPH; Beth Lipton, DVM; Kaye Eckmann; Maryann Watkins; Hanna Oltean, MPH; Meagan Kay, DVM; Chantal Rothschild, DVM; Miwako Kobayashi, MD; Chris Van Beneden, MD; Jeff Duchin, MD

On March 17, 2016, Public Health—Seattle & King County in Washington was notified of two persons who received a diagnosis of Streptococcus equi subspecies zooepidemicus (S. zooepidemicus) infections. S. zooepidemicus is a zoonotic pathogen that rarely causes human illness and is usually associated with consuming...