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Pot is so popular these days it's everywhere - even in public places. And that's where it becomes a danger to your dog.

Christina Wright always keeps a close eye on her tiny Chihuahua, Ginger.

"Like I don't even let her usually drink the water here because she's so delicate, she gets sick so I watch like, 'what's in your mouth?! Come here open your face,'" she said.

Wright became concerned after she read on Facebook that last week, a dog walker discovered one of her dogs ate marijuana found in the small dog area at Westcrest off-leash park....

Mark Oyama, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology)

The NT-proBNP assay’s clinical utility has been demonstrated in patients with clinical signs, but what about its ability to assess risk of occult disease?

Diagnosis is complicated by the fact that while heart murmurs are relatively common in adult cats, not every cat with a murmur has underlying heart disease. In a recent study of 100 cats presented to a teaching hospital, heart murmurs were detected in 44 cats but only 10 were diagnosed with disease.1 In a similar study of 103 cats, murmurs were detected in...
More sad news to reinforce the message to leave wildlife alone: two seal harbor pups have died because they were "rescued" by well-intentioned, yet mistaken, people. If you see wildlife you believe are ill or have been injured or abandoned, please notify the appropriate authorities and let those with the needed expertise do their jobs.


Federal and state wildlife officials are reminding the public to leave newly born harbor seal pups alone. Two have died recently after being removed...
Workers unearthed garbage bags full of what is believed to be dog bones that were buried at least two decades ago

PETERBOROUGH — Veterinarian Jodi Thompson is trying to clear the air following reports of animal remains found buried near her Jackson Creek Veterinarian Services clinic on Parkhill Road.

Dr. Thompson confirmed workers unearthed garbage bags full of what is believed to be dog bones that were buried in at least a six-foot grave in a wooded area...
Donald E. Beebe, DVM, DAVDC, Apex Dog and Cat Dentistry, Englewood, Colorado
Mary L. Berg, RVT, RLATG, VTS (Dentistry), Beyond the Crown Veterinary Education, Lawrence, Kansas


Stomatitis, more accurately called feline chronic gingivostomatitis, can be challenging for the veterinary team and frustrating for the client. Clinically, stomatitis describes widespread severe oral inflammation (beyond gingivitis and periodontitis) that may also extend into deeper tissue. The exact cause of this...
Katrin Hartmann, Dr. med. vet., Dr. habil., DECVIM-CA, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich


The decision to treat or euthanize a cat should not be based solely on the presence of retrovirus infection.

Cats infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia virus (FeLV) are susceptible to the same diseases that occur in cats free of retrovirus infection, and many clinical signs found on examination may not be related to retrovirus infection....
Mary Dell Deweese, DVM, Animal Medical Center, New York, New York
Karen M. Tobias, DVM, MS, DACVS, University of Tennessee


A 6-year-old castrated boxer is presented ≈24 hours after consuming a 3-lb pork roast and the glass top of a slow cooker. The owners report an episode of vomiting followed by an episode of diarrhea. The patient has a normal energy level with a mildly reduced appetite.

On digital rectal examination, there are...
Leading veterinary group VetPartners has grown by three more practices since acquiring competitor AussiePaws in May, according to a statement released by the company. VetPartners acquired one practice in Queensland in May, and two in NSW in June.

Two more NSW practices are confirmed for settlement in the coming weeks, which will give VetPartners a total of 44 practices by the end of July and an annual turnover in excess...