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SDMA markers can be detected earlier than other indicators of chronic kidney disease, leading to faster management.


Are you still using blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine concentrations to diagnose kidney disease in your veterinary patients? That is soo last century. Diagnostic urinary biomarkers are the wave of the future, according to Leigh Perry, VMD, DACVIM, BluePearl, Virginia Beach. In a presentation at CVC Virginia Beach, Dr. Perry shared how urinary biomarkers are changing the game. Read on to see how you can use these practical tools in...
Suzanne Smither, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Violence in veterinary practices is a disturbing trend prompting increased efforts to secure facilities, establish policies and protocols, train team members, and counsel victims.

Since 2006, news outlets have reported dozens of violent crimes against veterinary professionals in their workplaces in the United States, ranging from simple assault to homicide, murder–suicide, and rape followed by murder. The...
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Christopher M. George, DVM, and Gregory F. Grauer, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM (Small Animal Internal Medicine)
Kansas State University

Feline urethral...
Karl H. Kraus, DVM, MS, DACVS, Iowa State University


An open fracture is one in which broken bone penetrates the skin, exposing the fracture to the environment. Open fractures can lead to contamination of the fracture site, potentially resulting in infection, including osteomyelitis.

There are several general principles and steps in treating open fractures, although some fracture types (seeTable) require specific treatment or more urgent care....
Here is some sugar for the morning. A parody version of Uptown funk by some talented Cornell vet students!

In a remarkable turnaround Equestrian Queensland has reversed its position on the Hendra virus vaccine.

Addressing the Queensland parliamentary Agriculture and Environment Committee inquiry into the Hendra virus, Chief Executive of Equestrian Queensland Matthew Helmers, said the move to a 12-month booster reduced the risk of over-vaccination and consequently the risk of adverse reaction to the vaccine,

"We've have taken on board the...
Elephants are being killed by poachers at a rate of one every 15 minutes in Africa. Photograph: Morgan Trimble/AP

European commissions’ opposition to a proposed global ban will spell the beginning of a mass extinction of African elephants, warn...
The hair coat of older cats may take on a clumped and spiked appearance associated with a reduction in grooming activity.

Just as improved diet and medical care have resulted in increased life expectancy in humans, advances in nutrition and veterinary care have increased the life span of pet cats. The result is a growing population of ageing cats; in the USA, for example, it is estimated that 20 percent of pet cats are 11 years of age or older....
Cristina Venegas-Vargas, a former graduate student and lead author of the study, poses in front of dairy cattle.

A collaborative study involving microbiologists, epidemiologists, animal scientists, veterinarians, graduate students, undergraduates and farmers could lead to better prevention practices to limit dangerous E. coli bacteria transmissions, say researchers.

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