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Four key areas can help you assess the danger for future behavior and whether a dog can safely stay in a home.

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Vet student realises her pet-ential

For as long as she can remember, University of Sydney student Simone Armstrong remembers having a deep fascination with animals.

Image of Simone Armstrong with puppies in Northern Territory rural aboriginal community
Puppy love: Simone took the time out of the busy program to recharge with regular puppy cuddles.

'A connection with animals and land is deeply ingrained in my personality...
Dr. Jerry Klein, right, and Molly Duignan, a veterinary technician, examining Delila, a 13-year-old beagle in Chicago. Many dogs in Chicago last spring were sickened during an outbreak of canine influenza that has turned up in 24 other states. CreditAndrew Nelles for The New York Times
Last spring, veterinarians in Chicago became overwhelmed by dogs with high fevers, hacking coughs, copiously dripping noses, runny eyes,...
Findings may be important for human medicine.

New research from the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine may serve as a model for a rare severe form of pulmonary hypertension in humans.

Pulmonary veno-occlusive disease, or PVOD, has been classified only as a human lung disease until now. There are very few effective treatment options for PVOD and a lung transplant often becomes the best choice.

“Our research is the first to document the existence of pulmonary veno-occlusive...

Recent revelations about the sledgehammering to death of what seem to be Australian cattle in Vietnam provide further evidence of the government’s inability to control how exported livestock are slaughtered overseas.

An Animals Australia investigation reported by ABC’s 7.30 showed what are reportedly Australian cattle being slaughtered in three abattoirs. Australia has...
The APVMA are seeking your feedback on a ‘beta' version of our new chemical product search facility to ensure the final product meets the needs of users.

Please note there will be some differences in the search results in the test tool compared with our existing ‘product search' tool (PubCRIS).

Welcome to the APVMA PubCRIS database search

To search for details including product name, registering company, active constituents...
Professor Janet K. Yamamoto, PhD, from the Department of Infectious Diseases and Pathology, has been working on an HIV vaccine for 30 years, shown in the research lab at the Veterinary Academic Building at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine in Gainesville, Fla.

A Gainesville scientist has discovered that cats might provide...

BVLGBT+ will march for the first time at this year's Pride in London Parade

Vets from across the UK will be formally part of the Pride in London Parade for the first time this year, when the recently formed British Veterinary LGBT+ (BVLGBT+) group and supporters stride out with other Pride Parade groups on Saturday 25 June.

Vet Mat Hennessey started the group after...
Whether it’s a routine visit to the veterinarian or an emergency, we all want our pets to receive the best veterinary care. Veterinarians understand that their clients must make financial decisions when planning and paying for those services and medications, which is exactly why we support policies that give our clients the flexibility to choose where they fill their prescriptions. However, some in Congress are working to pass a federal mandate that would require veterinarians to provide a written copy of every prescription for a companion animal, whether or not the client needs or even...