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Charles Meredith, MD, Washington Physicians Health Program, Seattle, Washington
Amanda Shaw, MPH, Washington Physicians Health Program, Seattle, Washington


It can be incredibly hard to determine whether a team member is misusing drugs or alcohol, and the development of true impairment can be insidious. Because veterinary training selects for highly functioning and gifted individuals, it can be more difficult to identify their “impairment.”

Veterinarians face a...
This week’s ‪#‎WednesdaysWhosWho‬ is Dr. Patricia Queiroz-Williams, assistant professor of Anesthesiology and the clinician responsible for @miketigervi anesthesia during his cancer treatment. Dr. Williams is originally from Brazil and graduated with her DVM from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) in 1996. Dr. Williams is one of the three anesthesiologists at the...
We at the Merck Veterinary Manual would like to wish the very best to our 2016 graduates as they move on to practicing veterinary medicine. Over the course of their vet student careers, they have bravely shared their experiences and journeys with you. Here is a small collection of their most popular posts.


Jill Dentel, DVM

My Plea...