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by Dr Craig Kelly, Blaxland Veterinary Clinic, NSW The CR 7 Vet is a digital X-ray unit specifically designed for dental work. That is predominantly how we use it in the practice but its portable nature allows us to also [...]

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Horses in natural settings eat two thirds of the time, walking and grazing together. The key to keeping confined horses healthy is to re-create this scenario in the stable as best one can manage. All systems of the horse are dependent on miles of daily locomotion for proper function. Digestion, respiration, metabolism, behaviour, learning, training, and hoof health are all dependent on abundant daily locomotion. Horses are born to move, and move they must to maintain health and prosperity. The last place a horse evolved to live is in a stall. When horses are stalled, natural must be...
Another puppy farm in Victoria has finally been raided after six years of complaints over the horrendous living conditions of the farm’s dogs. The RSPCA and Victoria Police worked in tandem to remove nearly 120 live dogs and []

Darwin animal hospital The Ark has treated dozens of lorikeets brought in for appearing inebriated over the past two weeks. “They’re acting exactly as if they were drunk,” veterinary nurse and wildlife manager at The Ark, Mandy Hall, told Vet []

Dr Robert Fielding, racing veterinarian to Wodonga trainer Brian Cox, has found himself slapped with three charges from Racing Victoria stewards around prohibited substances. Cox was earlier this year charged with 13 infringements—nine of which related to prohibited substances—after a []

Dreamworld’s resident vet Dr Vere Nicolson this week put his hands into the jaws of the beast by giving a dental check-up to a saltwater crocodile named Blue. Dr Nicolson was concerned Blue may have had an infection, after the []

National Veterinary Care (NVC) has snapped up a clinic near Wollongong for $1.2 million, making them the second largest player in the sector, after Greencross. The acquisition brings NVC’s total number of practices to 40. NVC’s chief executive, Tomas Steenackers, []

After eight months of scrutiny by Biosecurity Queensland, the wildlife hospital at Australia Zoo has been cleared of allegations of mistreating animals and failing to adhere to proper veterinary practices. A Department of Agriculture and Fisheries spokesperson told The Sunshine []

At the 2016 World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, Virbac announced the addition of a brand new innovative technology called Defensin™ to a variety of key products in its already popular d...

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Veterinary CPD provider Improve International has announced a series of new one day courses to enable veterinarians to develop their knowledge in emerging a...

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