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Debra F. Horwitz, DVM, DACVB, Veterinary Behavior Consultation

Fighting & House Soiling in Cats

Resistant elimination problem behavior may be linked to undiagnosed ongoing social issues in a multiple-cat home. These issues may present as aggressive encounters but are often more covert and therefore often not linked by owners to house soiling behavior.

Understanding Feline Social Behavior
Alexander Werner, VMD, DACVD, Animal Dermatology Center

The distal extremity of the canine limb (ie, the paw) is composed of distinct anatomic structures and sites—the haired skin of the dorsal carpus and tarsus, the more glabrous palmar or plantar interdigital epidermis between the footpads, the footpads, the ungual or claw fold, and the claw—that each can suffer unique dermatoses. Dogs are often presented with concerns of a clinical “foot skin problem.” It is the clinician’s responsibility to determine which tissue(s) is affected and which disease(s) is the most likely...
Dr. Douglas Antczak with Cayenne, who is not afflicted with sarcoid tumors. Dr. Antczak's work has revealed that a horse's genetic makeup influences whether or not they develop sarcoid tumors.

Sarcoid skin tumors are the most common form of cancer in horses, but little is known about why the papillomavirus behind them strikes some horses and not others. A new study by an international research group led by scientists at the Baker Institute for Animal Health at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine shows genetic differences in immune function between...
Vale Emeritus Professor Rick Speare AM, PhD, MBBS(Hons), BVSc(Hons), DVSc, FAFPHM, FACTM, MANZCVS


This is a sad time as we honour the passing of a great researcher, teacher and humanitarian, a person who made an important contribution to the health of people and wildlife in the tropical world and beyond as well as to James Cook University.

Professor Rick Speare obtained honours degrees in veterinary medicine and human medicine and worked as a clinician in both fields. He was awarded a PhD by JCU for work on the human gut parasite strongyloides, a...
A male entire ragdoll kitten, approx 12 weeks of age, presented for routine desexing

Photos of the genitalia were taken pre-op, and castration was uneventful.

This kitten is behaving normal and has no urogenital problems 6 months post-op.

Has anyone see this in a cat before, and a possible clinical diagnosis?


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Using data from criminal cases of animal abuse, researchers have demonstrated that motor vehicle accidents and non-accidental blunt force trauma cases in dogs and cats present with different types of injuries. The research can help in the effort to uncover and address animal abuse.

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A new blood test to detect Mycobacteria in blood has been developed by researchers. The scientists have used this new method to show that cattle diagnosed with bovine tuberculosis (bTB) have detectable levels of the bacterium Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis) in their blood which causes this disease.

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