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    As at July 2018, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) have suspended a second export license. DAWR media statement can be found here.

    Information from DPIRD WA

    The Western Australia Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) released a second update on the issue late last week. The communication in full can be found here.

    The communication addresses the welfare of the sheep currently being held in a feedlot in WA. Inspections have occurred from both DAWR and DPIRD veterinarians and the animals are reported as being in ‘good condition and there were no animal welfare issues of note’.

    There has been some discussion regarding the possible alternative markets for these sheep. DPIRD have indicated that ‘these sheep can only be moved for the purpose of export, slaughter or to another registered feedlot, or under permit of a DPIRD inspector. Returning these animals to farms would present an unacceptable biosecurity risk.’

    The communication also addressed the WA Government’s view of the live export industry, indicating support for the industry conditional upon ‘live export is well regulated, meets animal welfare standards and avoids the high risk northern summer’.

    More information from the DPIRD on the live export issue can be found on their website.

    ASEL review update

    Since the last update, the AVA has received further information regarding the ASEL Review. The revised timeline for the ASEL Review is for completion by the end of 2018. The ASEL Reference group, of which AVA is a member, will meet on the 17th of August. An issues paper is expected to be released for comment in the week commencing 20 August. There will be a four-week consultation period on the issues paper. A second consultation period is expected in late October.

    Members will be kept informed when this issues paper is released.

    How to contribute

    The AVA response to the issue is coordinated through the Live Export Working Group consisting of elected members from WA Division, Cattle Vets, Sheep, Camelid and Goat Veterinarians, Welfare and Ethics Special Interest groups, the AVA President and members of staff. If you have any feedback or would like to contribute your expertise to the AVA response, please send correspondence to feedback@ava.com.au. Subject matter experts are also encouraged to be in communication with their elected group leaders.



Discussion in 'Veterinary Discussion' started by Admin, Jul 27, 2018.

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