Call For Independent Vets On Live-ex Ships

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    Northern NSW veterinary surgeon Dr Peter Kerkenezov, who sailed on live export ships in the early 2000s and is also a merchant mariner.

    THE PUSH for independent veterinarians on live export ships and further review of animal welfare standards on voyages is gaining momentum.

    Other veterinarians who have worked on live cattle and sheep export ships are speaking out about what they claim is endemic problems with animal cruelty.

    In the wake of claims by experienced live export vet Dr Lynn Simpson that she was removed from a government position due to pressure from the live export industry after presenting evidence of appalling conditions on ships, at least five vets have said her case was not unusual.

    Through the group Vets Against Live Export (VALE), these veterinarians have made claims of being asked to falsify mortality figures, ignore incorrect loading numbers on the manifest or not being employed again after reporting high mortality.

    The Australian Live Exporters’ Council has strongly denied it ever sought the dismissal of Dr Simpson and has pointed to a ‘fresh perspective on past attitudes and behaviours towards people and organisations external to the industry’ in its response to the affair.

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Discussion in 'Veterinary News' started by Admin, Jun 28, 2016.

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