Confessions: Pet Pain, Death And Dying

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    Caring for pets in their final moments is a frequent reality for veterinary professionals. Here are 30 of the most raw, poignant, honest and sometimes rueful confessions to highlight this special responsibility you have to your patients.

    These confessions are part of a larger series where dvm360 examines all aspects of pain and death in your patients. By calling it a "dvm360 Leadership Challenge" we invite you to become a thought leader in this segment of the profession. Click on the logo to learn more.Death, dying and pain in our pets—it can be emotional turmoil for all involved, especially veterinary care providers. You battle inner conflict (you wish something about the case was different, or you wish the client could understand what you know, or a million other things) despite your responsibility to remain a calm, steadfast presence in the waves of emotion surrounding the pet's passing.

    The editors noticed that not only did so many of the Vet Confessions have to do with pets' pain and death, they also brought out emotional responses in us. Reading these, we teared up, sighed with frustration and yes, we'll admit—even chuckled at some of the more unusual or exasperating circumstances you deal with all the time.

    This selection of 30 confessions is meant as a reflection on your special role at the end of a pet's life.

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