Cvs Recognised For Its Focus On Mindfulness

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    An initiative taken by CVS to introduce Mindfulness to its veterinary teams in order to address work-place stress has been used as a case study by the Government in a report launched in October called ‘Making the Business Case for Mindfulness.’

    Mindfulness is a mind-body approach which enables individuals to change the way they think and feel about their experiences, especially stressful experiences. It can help to reduce anxiety and enhance well-being. In doing so, it can also improve performance and productivity and boost job satisfaction. CVS, the largest employer of veterinary surgeons in the UK, began working with the Oxford-based Mindfulness Exchange in 2011 to develop a ‘Mindfulness in the Workplace’ programme for its employees. Since then, more than 20% of CVS’ staff have undergone training in mindfulness techniques, with many, the company says, citing the benefits it has brought them. CVS’ Group Head of Health and Safety, Sean Gillgallon, has also qualified as a Mindfulness in the Workplace Trainer. In the Government report, aimed at promoting mindfulness in the workplace, CVS’ work in this area is quoted as an example of best practice.

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Discussion in 'Veterinary News' started by Admin, Nov 14, 2016.

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