Fundus Photography With A Smartphone In Indirect Ophthalmoscopy In Dogs And Cats

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    To introduce a simple method for fundus photography of dogs and cats using a smartphone and indirect ophthalmoscopy lenses.

    Fundus photographs of dogs and cats with transparent ocular media were obtained with 15D, 20D, 28D, and 40D indirect lenses and an iPhone-6, in a dark room and after pharmacologic pupil dilation. The photographs were recorded as still images using a video application and a video-to-still image application. Two types of neutral density (ND) filters were used as required for reduction of the torch illumination power of the iPhone.

    The images obtained in this study were upside-down as a result of the optics used. A 180-degree rotation was used to show their natural anatomical orientation. The image field of view varied with the diopter strength of the indirect lens used. The 40-diopter lens offered the widest field.

    Still images obtained with a smartphone, and indirect lenses may be useful for client communication and teaching in small animal ophthalmology.

    iPhone adaptor available


Discussion in 'Veterinary News' started by Admin, Jun 29, 2016.

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