Heatstroke In Dogs

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    Heatstroke in Dogs
    Marie K. Holowaychuk, DVM, DACVECC, Critical Care Vet Consulting


    Hope, a previously healthy 3-year-old spayed pug, was presented on a hot afternoon in August after an episode of collapse.

    The owners had previously taken Hope to the park and noticed she was panting excessively and became lethargic after 45 minutes. They offered her water, which she drank readily, and immediately brought her to the clinic.

    Hope was up-to-date on vaccinations and had been receiving monthly parasite preventives.

    At presentation, Hope was panting, had stertorous breathing, and was tachycardic (160 bpm). Physical examination showed bright red mucous membranes; capillary refill time was <1 second. Rectal temperature was 105.4°F (40.8°C), and oscillometric blood pressure was 100/60 mm Hg with a mean arterial pressure of 73 mm Hg.

    During examination, Hope vomited water. A small amount of blood-tinged stool was noted on the rectal thermometer.

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Discussion in 'Veterinary News' started by Admin, Jun 28, 2016.

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