Jim Wilson, Dvm, Jd, Retires From Teaching

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    The veterinary and legal author, speaker and teacher's exit is too bad for the next generation of veterinarians who won’t get a class with this legal and veterinary mind. And, let’s get personal: I’ll miss him.

    Jim Wilson, DVM, JD, said his final goodbyes to regular teaching in this University of Pennsylvania veterinary school visit. (Photo courtesy author)I recently witnessed something quite amazing, an end to an era, really. I was sitting in a classroom at the University of Pennsylvania and watched Jim Wilson, DVM, JD, teach his last class. That's right. Dr. Wilson has retired from teaching.

    Wilson and I first began teaching at veterinary schools more than 20 years ago and together we've taught at almost 30 veterinary schools. Wilson, of course, taught legal jurisprudence, and I taught practice management.

    Wilson always related well to veterinary students. He seemed to enjoy nothing more than a lively debate on a legal topic or a chance to challenge students to think about things from a different perspective. Once I observed him talking about an animal abuse case, giving the facts of the case, asking students if indeed this was 'legal' abuse and what, if any, responsibility the veterinarian had. The students were all over the place, some saying the veterinarian bore no responsibility and others ready to call the police. There was a twinkle in Wilson's eye that day. Plainly, he enjoyed seeing the students think the problem through and figure out the correct answer.

    Wilson has taught veterinary school students for almost 30 years and has touched thousands of lives. He has written numerous books on legal and ethical issues for veterinarians. Today's DVMs are better professionals because of Wilson and the impact he has had on them. Few can teach the way he taught.

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Discussion in 'Veterinary News' started by Admin, Jun 27, 2016.

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