Labor Shock Deal With Animal Justice Party Questioned

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    QLD LNP Senator Matthew Canavan.

    THE Animal Justice Party says it has done a deal with federal Labor to expand plant-based food production in a political move that critics say shows support for ultimately ending livestock production.

    A statement on the AJP website says the two parties recently held discussions and had agreed to work together to increase the production of plant-based food in Australia.

    The AJP is running 54 candidates throughout the nation at the weekend’s federal election including 12 in the Senate and 42 lower house seats in NSW, SA and Victoria.

    The animal rights party already has a NSW Upper House member Mark Pearson who has been a long term campaigner to ban live animal exports and “factory farming” while leading other anti-livestock farming agendas.

    In a statement, AJP President Professor Steve Garlick said “following discussion with us, the ALP in government has agreed to develop and expand initiatives which can maximise plant-based food production and expand these agricultural markets”.

    Professor Garlick said due to discussions with the AJP, the Shadow Environment Minister Mark Butler - who is also ALP national president - had stated a Labor government would “direct funding to support this approach”.

    “Increasing the availability of plant based food stimulates non-lethal agriculture and horticulture,” Professor Garlick said.

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Discussion in 'Veterinary News' started by Admin, Jun 28, 2016.

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