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    From: Schuetze Catherine <>
    Date: 30 November 2018 at 8:43:48 pm AEDT

    Dear Friends,
    The Government of Bhutan has recently opened it’s new National Veterinary Hospital in Thimphu. They are looking for volunteer trainers to come and help their staff vets learn how to use all the equipment they have had donated, and to improve their clinical skills in many areas (medicine, surgery, dentistry, radiology, ultrasonography). They current skill set is fairly basic so any experienced vet would be capable and useful, and of course any specialist would be great.

    They have advertised through AVID (Australian volunteers for International Development) for the same, but had no responses. I advised the one year commitment was too much for most senior vets, so they decreased it to a minimum of 3 months. But again no takers. The AVID deal included travel costs, accommodation, visas, a monthly stipend etc.

    I’ve just spoken to the chief veterinary officer and he said the department would consider taking volunteers for a shorter period of time (1 month min) but you would have to be self funded. They can provide a visa and waive the visa fee, and have a basic flat above the new hospital for accommodation, or you can chose to stay elsewhere. There are many great accommodation options in town. But you would have to arrange your own transport, insurance etc.

    You would work with the mainly junior vets to help them with clinical skills, and then may have the opportunity to travel to more regional veterinary hospitals to offer training to the regional vets. The department can also arrange a tour of Bhutan for you during your stay.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to stay in Bhutan, contribute to their new NVH and its dedicated but inexperienced young staff. You will have a wonderful time.

    Please do let me know if anyone is interested, or if you know someone else who might be keen, do let me know or forward them this email.

    Kind regards

    Catherine Schuetze


    Catherine Schuetze, BVSc, BVBiol, CVA, BAPS (1st Hons)
    PhD Candidate,
    The University of Sydney, Australia


Discussion in 'Veterinary Discussion' started by Admin, Dec 2, 2018.

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