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    [​IMG] has published a light-hearted practice waiting room poster designed to help pet owners learn good 'vetiquette'

    The idea came about after Hamilton-based Julie Innes MRCVS shared a poem she'd written to display in her own practice waiting room in the forums. It was such a gem that commissioned Joe Wright, the illustrator behind the much loved 'What a Mess' children's books, to bring Julie's poem to life.

    The resulting poster (pictured right; click to enlarge) is now available to buy on Zazzle (, priced at £10.45 +P&P for an A2 version and £9.40+P&P for the A3 version.

    The price includes a 5% royalty, which will be donated to the Veterinary Benevolent Fund (VetLife).

    There is also a collection of and exclusive coffee mugs (£10.30 +P&P), bearing cartoons from the poster. Again, the royalty on sales of these mugs will be donated to the VBF.

    The poster has also been published on's Facebook feed, so it can be shared on practice Facebook pages.

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Discussion in 'Veterinary Discussion' started by Admin, Apr 6, 2017.

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