Personal Accounts: True Tales Of Veterinary Spending

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    Ever wondered, "How can my coworker afford THAT?" or thought, "I don't know how anyone lives on what she makes?" Here's your chance to see how other veterinary professionals are managing their money.


    Money management is all about choices. Where you live, the job you take, what you spend. But when it feels like the money's drifting out of the bank account much quicker than it flows in, it's hard to get a handle on where it all goes. We asked several veterinary professionals from different jobs and areas of the country to track their spending for one week. Our goal: to share what they've learned from a deep dive into the cost of living and the choices we make every day.

    While it's hard to get agreement on what's an essential need vs. a luxury, we ask our readers to remember these journals make these diarists very vulnerable. Please be respectful in the comments.

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