Qld Frog Hospital's Future Uncertain

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    Australia's only dedicated frog hospital is facing an uncertain future after its property was listed for sale.

    The Cairns Frog Hospital, which relies on public donations and operates out of a small single-storey Edmonton house, has taken in almost 2800 adult frogs since it began in 1998.

    But president Deborah Pergolotti says the property has been listed for three weeks and she could be left with only a couple of weeks' notice if the new owner isn't willing to let the frogs stay.

    "We have absolutely no clue where we're going to go," Ms Pergolotti said.

    Further complicating the matter is the specific criteria the hospital needs for any potential new home, including no pesticide use for at least three years.

    The hospital gained international attention this month when a tree frog was flown from Mt Isa to Cairns after it was run over by a mower, a process Ms Pergolotti says was funded by three separate businesses.

    That patient was released in Mt Isa last week.

    Ms Pergolotti has documented bizarre cases of frogs with missing eyes, extra limbs, growths, cancers, skeletal issues and even animals that are the wrong colour since she began her work.

    She estimates frog populations in Cairns have plummeted by as much as 95 per cent since the hospital opened 17-years ago and expressed frustration that more isn't being done to research the causes.

    The primary culprit, she suspects, is a class of insecticides called neonicotinoids.

    "There's such little interest in doing anything about frogs, from our point of view you might say we're waiting for the culture to change," she said.

    Ms Pergolotti also outlined aspirations to expand into a larger property.

    "One of the things that would be great, if we could find an investor to find a small acreage property to rent to us, is to actually start doing more breeding activity with these animals and a bit more education as well," she said.

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Discussion in 'Veterinary News' started by Admin, Jun 29, 2016.

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