Reddit Co-founder Knows Exactly Why The Internet Loves Cats

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    Some people just know how the internet works. When you were a co-founder of Reddit, that clearly goes doubly so.

    Alexis Ohanion, now a full-time venture capitalist after chasing out his Reddit gold back in February 2018, sat down for a chat with Fortune this week.

    In the process of filling out your Valley meme bingo card, the discussion that starts as a genuine exploration of the state of startup investment and blockchain technologies (the usual Fortune fodder) suddenly detours into why the internet loves cats so much.

    But in the process, Ohanion offers up a bona fide philosophy that makes all the sense.

    The detour arrives when Ohanion flags his crypto interest is focused more toward Ethereum than Bitcoin. And, as an example of real technology being created based on the Ethereum technology, he arrives at a discussion of CryptoKitties – a blockchain-based game where people can breed and trade digital kittens. It's a very clever implementation of verifiable digital scarcity where every item is unique.


    Turns out Ohanion likes the game and even owns a few.

    Anyway, that's where we get to the good part.

    "I think the first version of so many things looks like a toy and often has something to do with cats. It's because the Internet loves cats. And I think I know why. You want to know why?" Ohanion asks, taking the interview by the horns.

    "The reason cats are so popular on the Internet is because cat owners never got to associate or hang out with other cat owners doing cat-owner things. Until the Internet came along."

    Bingo! Cats, anti-social nutjobs that they are, don't create dog park conversational opportunities. So cat lovers just bombard the internet with our cats as the only means to socialise our affection for them.

    It's so right it almost hurts we didn't think of it ourselves sooner.

    There's more to the conversation over at Fortune. But it's nice to know Ohanion really can hold his head high as one of those who really knows what makes the internet tick.



Discussion in 'Veterinary Discussion' started by Admin, May 4, 2018.

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