Specialist And Technician Relationships – Your Key To Success

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    Strong relationships between veterinary specialists and technicians are powerful efficiency boosters.

    In veterinary specialty practices, the pursuit of efficiency represents one of the most critical, and yet illusive necessities for long-term success. Lack of efficiency eats away income, diminishes patient care, and subtly lowers staff morale.

    Dozens of ways to increase efficiency in a practice exist, of course. But, there is one way to improve efficiency that is easily overlooked. That is, developing strong relationships between veterinary specialists and veterinary technicians.

    The following is a short list of ways to intentionally improve efficiency by strengthening those relationships.

    Mutual respect…
    [​IMG]The extra letters trailing behind the names of veterinary specialists and certified veterinary technicians elicit respect. Still, over time as people work together, that respect will either deepen or erode. Both parties must intentionally display actions and attitudes that cultivate mutual respect on a professional and personal level.

    Generous salary…
    Receiving a generous salary is also a mutual concern. The more efficient the practice, the more likely both doctors and technicians will enjoy satisfying levels of income.

    A generous salary offer from the practice enhances the prospect of technicians going the extra mile to make the doctors and the hospital reach their full potential.

    Keep in mind there are other means to provide opportunities to increase income for technicians. Depending on the person involved some possibilities include:

    • Speaking engagements at relevant organizations or colleges.[​IMG]
    • Writing books, blogs, or articles for various publications.
    • Working part-time as a teacher at a local community college.
    • Finding part-time work in a research lab.
    Hire for “culture fit”…
    Yes, veterinary hospitals each have a unique “culture”. It’s the result of things like values, core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

    Hiring technicians who are going to feel comfortable working in your culture is a foundational strategy. It’s essential for maintaining strong relationships that yield a high level of efficiency.

    Generous benefits…
    Locating and hiring a quality technician who fits your culture is difficult enough. Eliminating turnover is often even more difficult in today’s business and economic environment. Even the most loyal of employees have needs and obligations, which must be met for them to become long-term players on your team. Some of the most pressing needs are:

    • Health insurance[​IMG]
    • Disability insurance
    • Continuing education
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Time for “a life” (vacation)
    Technicians who receive these benefits are going to work hard to help practice leaders enjoy the same privileges.

    Exemplify integrity…
    Persons either have integrity, or they don’t. Those who do have integrity demonstrate:

    • The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
    • The state of being whole and undivided.
    Fortunately, we can all become a person of integrity and make improvements where needed.

    When veterinary specialists and technicians observe each other doing the right things for patients, clients, vendors, and individuals within the practice, integrity becomes like glue holding it all together.

    Improving efficiency is a task that never ends. But steps taken each day accumulate over time and build a foundation for pleasant rewards in the future.


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Discussion in 'Veterinary News' started by Admin, Jun 28, 2016.

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