Too Much Information, Not Enough Insight

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    When I first became interested in the business side of practice in the early 1970’s most practice owners managed their practice by what we described as the ‘seat of their pants’ – they were acting on instinct, on their personal experience and on using their judgment as events unfolded – largely without advance planning.

    Now, forty or more years later, pretty well every veterinary practice owner or manager has at their fingertips, an endless flow of information in the form of management reports designed by PMS providers – and yet there is little or no evidence that I’m aware of, that the financial rewards of investors or employees of the majority of independently owned practices have improved in real terms, as a result.

    Maybe it’s because they have a surfeit of data and management reports but not enough insight into the significance of the information at hand, as a tool for improving the financial as well as the professional performance of the practice. That was the theme of my presentation to the VetPartners meeting this summer and my video blog today


Discussion in 'Veterinary Discussion' started by Admin, Sep 18, 2018.

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