Vets Perform Surgery On Panda Cub To Remove Mass Of Bamboo In Intestine

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    Anne Gilewski, registered veterinary technician, checks giant panda cub Bei Bei's vital prior to surgery.

    When you’re an endangered species, you’d think life would cut you a break. But nope, life is forever out to get you … but that’s what makes veterinarians and vet techs all that more important. Without them, one little panda cub might not have made it to adulthood.

    Bei Bei, a giant panda cub at Smithsonian’s National Zoo. He ate his bamboo like pandas do, only to have the plants get stuck in her bowel, requiring him to have emergency surgery. Thankfully, Bei Bei is stable and recovering from his emergency bowel obstruction surgery, which removed a dense, masticated lemon-sized mass of bamboo from inside him.

    “I’m extremely proud and thankful for our team of keepers, veterinarians, animal care staff, volunteer medical experts and all staff who have helped facilitate the urgent response,” said Dennis Kelly, director of the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute. “Bei Bei’s prognosis is very good. The challenge will be for our team to monitor him safely and that requires his cooperation. We will keep everyone up to speed as he recovers.”

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Discussion in 'Veterinary Discussion' started by Admin, Dec 2, 2016.

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