Virbac Unveils New Defensin Technology At The World Congress Of Veterinary Dermatology

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    At the 2016 World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, Virbac announced the addition of a brand new innovative technology called Defensin™ to a variety of key products in its already popular dermatology range.

    Defensin technology has a unique action that stimulates the body’s own production of anti-microbial peptides (AMPs), which help the skin to defend itself against foreign pathogens such as bacteria or yeast via an innate immune response. In an industry where the responsible use of antimicrobials is increasingly important, Virbac is pioneering in the defence of infections through its use of Defensin technology. This, and Virbac’s other established technologies Glycotechnology©, Spherulites© and Skin Lipid Complex™, work together within the dermatology range to help the body repair and defend the skin. These technologies will form part of S}I}S, Skin Innovative Science.

    Recognised as experts in dermatology around the world, Virbac is proud to be able to offer Defensin technology in key products in its specialised shampoo range; Sebolytic™, Allermyl™ and EpiSoothe™; and its leading veterinary ear cleaner EpiOtic®. From now on, these products will appear on the shelves with the S}I}S logo on the packaging.

    Commenting on the unveiling of the new Defensin technology, Claire Lewis, Junior Product Manager, explained: “I am very excited to be announcing the addition of Defensin technology to these key products in our dermatology range. Virbac has been an expert and pioneer in dermatology for over 30 years, and is still at the forefront with its new dermatological advances.

    “Our ever developing range of dermatological products proves this and enables us to offer our clients a comprehensive range of proven products to support them in finding a solution for a wide variety of cases.”

    Founded by a veterinary surgeon, Virbac is dedicated to supporting the veterinary profession through the development of innovative products and services, which help animals to lead longer, healthier lives. One of the largest independent veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world, its wide product portfolio includes many market-leading and award-winning products for large and small animals.


Discussion in 'Veterinary News' started by Admin, Jun 24, 2016.

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